Town of Yelapa and Cascada Walk, Mexico.

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In December of 2002 I went on a short kayaking trip to Yelapa on the Mexican mainland near Puerto Vallarta.

Konstantin meeting his son Vladimir at the dock in Yelapa.
Linda with one of the locals.
Me at the door of my palapa in Yelapa.
Some of Konstantin's relatives preparing fresh fish for dinner.
The following panoramas are an experiment, they are digitally stiched together from several individual pictures. Much higher resolution than those silly panorama cameras from Kodak. You may have to scroll your browser right to see the whole picturd.
A panorama of Yelapa Bay.
A mural on one of the buildings in Yelapa.
The following pictures are from a hike to the waterfal east of Yelapa.

Linda, Konstantin and I during the hike and relaxing with a margarita afterwards.

Beach art in Yelapa.
Putting together the folding kayak.

The rest of the pictures of this trip are on another page.

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