Rattlesnake Beach to Punta el Puertecito, April 4th 2009.

We drove all our gear down to Rattlesnake Beach and started organizing and packing. The truck would stay at the Tripui trailer park for two or three weeks while we are gong. Packing the first time took us all morning and we didn’t launch until noon. Several groups of other kayakers came and launched while we worked.

One outfitter asked us where we bought our permits and when she learned we had none, she said “Oh, you’re Piratas”. Another pair of guides warned Andrea Wolf that the Mexican rangers finally had some enforcement money and were visiting Danzante Island checking for permits. They were being very hard on pirata kayak campers. Danzante is a very popular kayak camping location, very close to a port and probably becoming overused. We decided to stay on the mainland and avoid Danzante this time.

So when we did finally launch, we paddled south along the shore for around 8 miles. We had seen this coastline before, but not from this angle! We stopped at a beautiful beach with a protective offshore rock and views of Isla Carmen.

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