Punta Prieta to Punta la Lagulla, April 9th 2009.

This was a nice day of paddling and making miles straight south. I thought my GPS died in the afternoon, but it turns out it was working after all. Random buttons pushed through the chart case made it set the display contrast to zero. So I just could not tell if it was on or off.

We landed at a fantastic spot for lunch. A gray gravel beach below bright red sandstone. Doug Hamilton found a headless sea lion skeleton stretched out on the red stone and a big horned sheep skull. We should have arranged them together, but left them as found.

A wind came up behind us in the afternoon and pushed us along. Even Herb Howe kept up with the pack. Just a mile before our planned landing site Doug found a whale skeleton. We landed to check it out but found little left.

We rounded a point to a long curve of gravel beach. Down on the south end we picked out a campground that looked like it had some protection from the wind. We must have picked well because there was no wind in the night.

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