Punta la Lagulla to Punta Alta, April 10th 2009.

This far south the arroyos are often filled with palm trees and some of the beaches look very inviting. Sandy beaches below valleys full of shade from shoulder-to-shoulder palm trees. But these spots have apparently looked inviting for some time and have houses between the trees, roads, solar panels, no trespassing signs and sometimes fences along the beach (which are supposed to be illegal in Mexico). Herb Howe and Andrea Wolf paddled this stretch of coast once before and stopped at one of these “compounds” and talked to the caretakers. The Mexicans were friendly and gave them drinking water. I was put off by the fence and didn’t want to land here.

We paddled around a tall mountain with a few signs of a perilous road that leads down to a little village named Los Burritos. The coastline from here on was rugged with few places to land until we found a little beach just north of Punta Alta. Around the corner we knew there was a village so we stopped here. It turns out there is a short trail over the back of the point to the village. We hiked up to the top and looked down but never went down to visit. A few boats came by in the evening and the people waved in a friendly way.

This was a short day for us. Punta Alta is a good place to take off from to cross over to Isla San Jose. So we stopped here and set up camp to be rested and ready for a crossing the next morning.

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