San Evaristo to Punta Coyote, April 16th 2009.

Despite the fearful behavior of the yachties, (we still saw more yachts arriving to hide in the San Evaristo cove), the air was still calm in the morning. We took our time getting packed and even cooked a big egg breakfast. By the time the dishes were washed and we were packing the kayaks, the wind did start to come from the north. We launched and headed south before it kicked up any waves.

After only an hour of paddling and only a few miles traveled we stopped for a break. Another half hour later we passed a beautiful arroyo with protected camping out of the wind. But we were less than two hours into our day. Andrea Wolf wanted to stop early for lunch and made noises like she would want to stay, so we drug her away without stopping. Later when we stopped for lunch next to a fishcamp (no danger of anyone wanting to camp there early) Herbe Howe pulled out a map and discovered that the beautiful arroyo was “Arroyo Verde”. A place Andrea had heard about and really wanted to see. She was angry that we had missed it!

The 10 knot wind we had been promised had finally come up and there was no way anyone would want to turn back against it. We should have made fantastic progress down wind, but Kate DesLauriers was very uncomfortable with the following wind waves and amazed me by paddling slower than I believed possible with the wind and waves pushing her along. We paddled three more miles with the wind after lunch and stopped at the tip of Punta Coyote. It didn’t look like there was any protection from the wind but when you stepped into the bushes at the top of the beach, there was suddenly no wind and it was hot. There were lots of good (if sandy) places to camp.

Doug Hamilton and I went for a walk and saw a ranch house nearby. We stumbled upon a mesquite charcoal processing system: Holes dug in the sandy soil to bury wood and partially burn it into charcoal. We also saw chainsaw marks on the driftwood on the beach. A pack of semi-wild dogs came by late in the day and ran scared away from us. Not the best campsite we ever stayed in.

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